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Recently the Southern Africa distributorship for the Xcentric Ripper became available so Rhino Excavator Hammers took the lead and travelled to Vitoria in Spain to meet with the manufacturers. The visit was so impressive that we immediately committed to Xcentric Ripper International in the Southern Africa territory. These products are presently being imported to South Africa and will be displayed at our stand at Bauma Africa show from 15th to 18th of September.

We at Rhino Excavator Hammers have added the Xcentric Ripper to our range of excavator attachments. It is better described as an “Impact Ripper”, although it is sometimes confused with similar product otherwise known as a “Vibration Ripper”. The important difference is that it impacts more energy to the rock using strong centrifugal forces converted to kinetic energy through a series of linkages. We have always believed that hydraulic hammers can be substituted in certain applications because when operated they are one dimensional. For example, an operator will place the hammer’s moil on top of the rock and pull the trigger – large amounts of energy is then transferred to the rock via the piston and moil. If there is enough energy transfer then it will shatter and break the rock. The hammer can use little further assistance from the excavator because ripping and operating at a variation of angles will damage the hammer.

The Xcentric impact ripper combines available hydraulic power from the excavator by using kinetic centrifugal forces combined with hydraulic forces from the excavators bucket, stick and boom. This combination, when operated correctly utilises more available excavator power, resulting in increased production by up to 5 times than that of hydraulic hammers. Because it is virtually a standard Dozer type ripper with a centrifugal impact mechanism, breaking, ripping and raking at the worksite are part of its normal function. The Xcentric ripper is not a replacement for the hammer so It should be noted that in oversize rock, very hard rock and some other applications the Impact ripper does not match the production of a hydraulic hammer. The Xcentric Rippers manufacturing and assembly plants are ultra modern using robotic systems. Most of the Impact Ripper components are cut, machined and assembled in Xcentric Ripper International owned factories that are located close together in the same industrial estate. Components are made of the highest quality materials available and are sourced both local and worldwide. If a component does not meet the high standards that it is expected to perform, it is discarded and the best replacement is sourced worldwide, even down to bolts, nuts and washers.

Developed and patented by Grado Cerco Sistemas, a trailblazer in the industry, the Xcentric range of Rippers are advanced excavator attachments designed to make quarrying, trenching, earthworks and mining much more efficient. Made completely of wear resistant steel this attachment is almost maintenance free, less noisy than any other excavation tool, can be used underwater without any damage risk and is the only practical choice for many worksites. It’s very low noise level allows it to operate in environmentally sensitive places. The high frequency impact also lowers risk to workers and machine as flying chips of rock are reduced. The unique tip design promotes penetration and when worn out affords minimal material wastage (hence cost) when having to be replaced. Thanks to its uncomplicated mechanical design, which has no pricey components, maintenance costs are very low with negligible down times.

Quality is of first importance. We saw prototype machines being tested in a very demanding quarry environment, situated near the factories in Spain. At these testing grounds very hard limestone was mined in its primary form. The prototype XR35 on a 35 tons hydraulic excavator handled this material without too much difficulty. We were told that any failures or points of stress are analyzed and taken back to the design room for reworks and modifications to ensure product reliability to the end user.

For live video’s of these machines in action at various worksites worldwide go to https://youtu.be/Jn-9yIfOyV4 or simply go to the website www.xcentricripper.com

Other products that are manufactured by Xcentric Ripper International include a unique mechanical quick hitch coupler and an excavator mounted crusher bucket. Both of these products are designed and manufactured to the same high specifications in the same factory’s as the Xcentric Ripper.