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Rhino Excavator Hammers started life in 2004, securing the well-known D and A agency, which clearly has a synergy with our core business, plant hire.

Based in South Africa who has an extensive mining industry, it would become apparent other attachment products could be viable for both resale and hire.

Our next step was to develop a market for the ripper technology. Xcentric already marketing Rippers for varied uses came into South Africa with a view to develop its product for the open cast mining industry.

Excavator attachments have become more common place, negating environmental issues such as the use of high explosives.

Attachments such as Couplers and Rock Wheels are examples of an increasingly diverse industry. Our sales and support staff can educate and improve efficiency whilst protecting the environment.

Having hands on experience in the Hammer/Breaker industry, it was an obvious step to support our hire business by securing the agency with D and A. We overcame a considerable hurdle by relieving the supply logistics and product support issues. We created and developed a product supporting our core business being plant hire.

We have found after extensive investigation D and A have the most efficient and durable product on the market. D and A have in us, as a partner who have firsthand knowledge in their core business too.

Conveniently priced and available in an extensive range of sizes, we have the facility and expertise to commission all attachments to fit a wide range of excavators.

We stock both attachments and spare parts, warehoused in Gauteng for easy distribution to most of southern Africa.

Our highly trained mechanics and operators can extend the normal expected life of equipment. All wear parts are locally manufactured considerably reducing cost and turnaround time.

The complete range of fast moving, patented and mining compliant stock is available on request. Our specifications are available on the website and we are a phone call away from arranging demonstrations on actual working sites.



Xcentric Ripper have been in South Africa for 4 years supplying a niche product for the mining and earth moving industries.

This niche market product has proven itself in a very short space of time. Developed through hammer technology, it pulls material horizontally as well as to a lesser extent breaking ground. The process is considerably more efficient than the use of explosives in open cast mining. There are many other uses for the product which will be obvious to clients needing such technology.

We have an extensive range of used spare parts in yellow metal
and second hand machinery for sale.


Our property in Honeydew stocks most hammer and ripper equipment

Aftersales service

We keep extensive levels of wear parts in our stores. Any slow moving items can be delivered within 1 week of placing the order.

Our skilled technicians are able to modify and repair hammers and rippers.