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Make the right choice

We offer cutting units for machines with an operating weight of
1 – 65 tonnes.

The number that comes after the model C (Chain), D (Direct) and G (Gearbox) refers to the average operating weight of the excavator.


Take advantage of our expert knowledge

Rockwheel offers special cutting units for special tasks.

Cutter Bucket

Cutter buckets cut, break up, mix, lift and backfill without a tool change. The excavated material produced is finely grained and can be directly reused.

Mixing Cutter Buckets

Cutting unit, deep bucket and mixer combined in a single unit. The economical solution for soil preparation and soil conditioning – for any consistency of material, from mud to rock. Binders, like lime, aggregates or liquids, can be fed into the mixing chamber through a feed system on the cutter bucket.

Patch Planers

Use patch planers when you need precise contours or need to remove surfaces efficiently. Patch planers are idea for horizontal, vertical, angled and overhead work. The attachments can ideally be fitted to excavators and backhoe loaders.