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Rhino Earth Movers

Specializing in the hire of heavy plant and attachments for mining contracts.

This business has been operating for a similar time to Rhino Excavator Hammers. Rhino Earth was opened to accommodate the influx of specialized attachment work for contracts country wide and beyond. The obvious synergy with Rhino Excavator Hammers, who supply attachments and the need for operating expertise allowed our business to grow in this niche market.

As previously mentioned hammers and Rippers have fundamental similarities and require operating expertise. Explosives are becoming more restrictive to use in protected areas. Rippers do a similar job, often far more efficiently.

Rhino Earth Movers specialize in heavy plant hire with attachments ranging from 30 to 80+ tonnes. Hitachi, CAT and Hyundai are our preferred machines and cater for a wide range of heavy duty excavators and Dozers. Brackets are modified to suit machine design.


We have operations based in Kimberly to the LowVeld, backed up from our experienced and dedicated staff members. Mining compliance can be somewhat daunting at times but our experience in this industry alleviates many core problems contractors have in this environment.

Attachments we buy, sell and hire out can be complicated in set up and require a different operating approach than simple earth moving. Training is offered on all ripper sales as part of setting up.

Speak to our experienced Hire operations department for quotes on all kinds of machinery and attachments. Wiseman, our Head of contract and hire operations will help you with most of your needs.

Contact him on 082 887 8636 or alternatively, drop him a line by email giving him an idea of your requirements on hire@phplant.co.za


Endorsements and Referrals

Good Day to those involved in breaking and moving earth and rock!

We operate in the mining industry, having open cast facilities on the West Rand in South Africa; specifically recovering gold ore from unexposed reef. We have had the pleasure in working with Rhino Earth Movers over the last 3 years. To say they have made us more efficient and environmentally friendly is an understatement.

Our work sites can be in heavily populated township areas, making the use of explosives limited or not an option at all. We operate in areas that make environmental reclamation of land both a necessity and compulsory activity especially once the land is handed back to the developer.

With the advent of Xcentric Ripper technology and Rhino’s expertise in its utilization and support, we have been able to mine efficiently with limited environmental impact.

I have no doubt in many mining situations, the future lies with this technology. Having used other rock breaking equipment and comparing those to the use of rippers, the rippers has become a big game changer in mining and opening up gold bearing reef horizons previously un-economical to mine.

In many instances, this method has also proven to be less expensive than explosives and mining tonnage has increased dramatically. Many redundant mining enterprises will become economically viable again.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rhino Earth Movers in our line of work and I can foresee many other applications suited to this technology.

Eddie Milne – Amatshe Mining (Pty) Ltd
Contact: 074 132 2031 |076 524 1313